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Robert Frank Joyce, Sr 1893-1958.jpg

2LT. Joyce, Robert Frank


Service-Member Serial: 1866399

Commission Date: 5 JUN 1918

Commission Location: 

Terms of Commission:

Branch of Service: United States Army (Signal Corps)

Service Remarks: Robert served as an officer in the Spruce Production Division, a department of the Army Signal Corps (Aviation Section). Established in 1917 to produce high-quality Sitka spruce timber and other wood products needed to make aircraft for the United States' efforts in The Great War. Its headquarters were in Portland, Oregon, and its main operations center was at Vancouver Barracks in Vancouver, Washington. Workers in the division were members of the Loyal Legion of Loggers and Lumbermen (LLLL), a union specifically established to support the army's wood production operations. The division had a large impact on logging in the Pacific Northwest. Logging companies adopted working conditions similar to those the division had, and they took advantage of new logging roads and rail lines that the division had built to access more timber.

Rank at Separation: Second Lieutenant

Separation Date: 13 FEB 1919

Separation Location:

Condition of Separation: Honorable Discharge


Birth: 15 JAN 1893

Death: 28 APR 1958

Burial: Buffalo Cemetery, Sanford (Lee County), North Carolina, US



- Robert Frank Joyce II (1893-1958), son of

- Robert Francis Joyce (1859-1920), son of

- Robert Alexander Joyce (1833-1862), son of

- Martin James Joyce (1806-1869), son of

- Alexander Joyce (1772-1829), son of

- James Edward Joyce, Sr (1746-1796), son of

- Alexander Joyce (1719-1778), son of

- Thomas Joass (1685-UNK), son pf

- William Joass (UNK-UNK)


Jordan Blake Turner, Allan Joyce, Jack Joyce, Bob Joyce

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