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Enlistment Date: 

Enlistment Location: Ohio, United States

Branch of Service: United States Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)

Military Occupation:

Service Remarks: 4 Years of service. Stationed at Camp LeJune, North Carolina. 

Rank at Separation:

Separation Date:

Separation Location:

Condition of Separation: 

Crider, Declan Nicholas

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- Nicholas Crider DeClan (), son of

- Patricia Eztwiler (), daughter of

- Karen Jean Breedlove (1953-SL), daughter of

- Charlotte Alma Joyce (1934-SL), daughter of

- William Richard Joyce (1906-2001), son of

- George Washington Joyce (1874-1956), son of

- John Rufus Joyce (1847-1924), son of

- John Cephas Joyce (1816-1886), son of

- William Cephas Joyce (1777-1843), son of

- Elijah Joyce (1752-1804), son of

- Alexander Joyce (1715-1778)

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