Mission Statement:

Dedicated to the legacy of the colonial pioneers, Alexander Joyce (b. 1719-1778) and Thomas Joyce (b. 1722-1780) of 18th Century Lunenburg County, Virginia, and Rockingham County, North Carolina. our goal is to promote, research, and celebrate their genealogy. Descended from Laird William Joass (b. 1640) and Beatrix Fraser of Banff, Scotland, they have influential origins. Born in Ballynahinch, County Down, Ireland, their achievements and success helped establish a Joyce lineage in 18th Century Virginia and North Carolina.

In addition to honoring Alexander and Thomas Joyce, we promote, research, and celebrate the history of the other closely related Joyce lines from Northern Ireland. From George Joyce (b. 1767) to George Joyce (1769), they all share a common origin from the Joass family of Scotland.

How can I Contribute:

Interested in assisting the Descendants of Thomas and Alexander Joyce Families Association fulfill it's mission statement? Here are some ways to help:

  • If you don't see your  Joyce/Joass/Joss ancestor listed in the family tree section, we are more than happy to assist you in adding him/her to the collection.

  • If you have any family narratives or histories on your Joyce/Joass/Joss ancestor, we will more than happy to add it to the documentation section.

  • If you have any other Inquiries, feel free to ask.

  • We are dedicated to continuing our family research by documenting the generations that have followed in the footsteps of our Joyce/joass/joss ancestors who came to the new world.  We are happy to gather family group sheets,  pedigrees, or lineage society information that will connect us to other family members looking to discover their family heritage, or just find a new relative close to them.

Alexander and Thomas Joyce Family Research