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Going Beyond Traditional Genealogy

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Getting involved

How can I contribute?

The field of genealogy within the last 12 years has greatly been enhanced. The new study of genetic genealogy, especially with y-DNA, has been of tremendous help with the Joyces of Virginia and North Carolina. Because of this advancement, there are now three known closely related Joyce lineages who share a Joass (Joss) origin from Banffshire, Scotland:


1. Alexander (baptized 1719) and Thomas Joyce (baptized 1722) in Ballnyanhinch, County Down, Ireland.

3. George Joyce (b. 1769, Armagh, Ireland).

4. George Joyce (b. 1767, probably in Northern Ireland).

If you are unsure which Joyce lineage you belong too, and/or have taken a y-DNA and Autosomal DNA test, feel free to contact us.

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Y-DNA Discoveries

What Have we Learned?

In our research, in addition to discovering the kinship between the three different Joyce branches, it has been revealed that they share a recent DNA mutation (aka SNP). Entitled R-Y7729, a Joss line from Banffshire also carries this SNP.  Estimated to have mutated into existence fairly recently by and, the origins of this SNP are Joss (Joass) related.

It is also important to note that these Joyce lines do not share the same origins as the Joyces of Galway, Ireland. Y-DNA research has indicated that the Joyce families of Galway have different y-DNA haplogroups and SNPS.

Y-DNA Research Documentation

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