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S1C. Joyce, Harmon Trammel


Enlistment Date: 29 SEP 1942

Enlistment Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Service Remarks: Served aboard (BB-60) USS Alabama. Stepped aboard NOV 1942 and assigned to 10th Division (40MM and 20MM Mounts) as an Apprentice Seaman and First Loader for the 40MM cannons on top of turret #3. The Alabama was a south dakota-class battleship that served in both the Atlantic and Pacific (transferred in 1943) naval theatres during the war. In the Pacific, she participated in numerous engagements by bombardment against Imperial Japanese Forces. Notable bombardments include: 

- Mariana and Palau Islands Campaign (JUN-SEP 1944, US Victory)

- Philippines Campaign (OCT-DEC 1944, Allied Victory)

- Battle of Okinawa (APR-JUN 1945, Allied Victory)

Rank at Separation: Seaman First Class (S1C.)

Separation Date: 23 OCT 1945

Separation Location: Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Condition of Separation: Honorable Discharge

Birth: 27 MAY 1923, Dalton, Georgia, United States

Death: 8 JUL 2005

Burial: Tilton Community Cemetery, Tilton, Georgia, United States

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- Harmon Trammel Joyce (1923-2005), son of

- William Dayton Joyce (1881-), son of

- Elijah Allen Joyce (1845- 1927), son of

- James Pleasant Joyce (1822-1892), son of

- Ambrose Benjamin Joyce (1781-1856), son of

- John "Coon" Joyce (1750-1814), son of

- Thomas Joyce (1720-1780)


Susie Maloney

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