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SGT. Joyce, Roger Lee

Enlistment Date: 1968 (Drafted/ Selective Service)

Enlistment Location: North Carolina

Service Number: 53531170

Branch of Service: United States Army (Infantry)

Military Occupation: Infantry Rifleman (11B)

Service Remarks: Roger deployed to South Vietnam 21 OCT 1968 with Delta Company, 3rd Battalion of the 47th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division. On the 21st of June, 1969 while serving as an Light Infantry Squad Leader, Sergeant Joyce was killed in action by an explosive hostile action while engaging the enemy in Kien Hoa Province, South Vietnam. He was 20 years old.

Recipient of: 

- The Purple Heart Medal

- National Defense Medal

- Vietnam Service Medal with Combat Action Device

- Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal

- Combat Infantryman's Badge

- Combat/Deployment Patch (9th Infantry Division)

Rank at Separation: Sergeant/ E5

Separation Date: 21 JUN 1969

Separation Location: 

Condition of Separation: Killed In Action (KIA)

Birth: 15 JUL 1948, North Carolina

Death: 21 JUN 1969, KIA, Kien Hoa Province, South Vietnam

Burial: Simmons Family Cemetery, Pilot Mountain (Surry County), North Carolina, United States

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- Roger Lee Joyce (1948-1969), son of

- Arnold Jack Joyce (), son of

- William Ausbon Joyce (), son of

- William Crockett Joyce (), son of

- William Snider Joyce (), son of

- William B. Joyce (), son of

- Isaac Joyce (1755-1831), son of

- Thomas Joyce (1718-1782)


Gary Gee Pollard, Thomas Daniel Joyce and Debbie Rosenbloom

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