Means, William

Enlistment Date: 

Enlistment Location:

Branch of Service: North Carolina Colonial Militia (Guilford County)

Service Remarks: William served alongside his father in the Guilford County Militia and participated: 

- Cross Creek Expedition

- Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge

- Battle of Guilford Courthouse

Rank at Separation: 

Separation Date:

Separation Location:

Condition of Separation:

Birth: 1757, British Colonial America

Death: 1822, Rockingham County, North Carolina, United States

Burial: (Exact location unknown) Off of Means Creek, near Glenn's Chapel, Glenn Chapel Road (Rockingham County) North Carolina, United States


- William Means (1757-1822), husband of

- Susan Joyce (1779-1826), daughter of

- Elijah J. Joyce (1752-1804), son of

- Alexander Joyce (1719-1778), son of

- Thomas Joass (1685-UNK), son of

- William Joass (UNK-UNK)


Jordan Blake Turner

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