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PVT. Joyce, Thomas

Enlistment Date: 

Enlistment Location:

Branch of Service: United States Army (Cavalry)

Service Remarks: Mounted Rifleman with the 1st Regiment, Tennessee Volunteers (Perkin's Brigade). These volunteers were committed to a 60-day enlistment and raised to fill the depleted ranks of Andrew Jackson's downsized Army. The unit is credited with participation in a night battle on 23 DEC 1814, the capture of Pensacola from the Spanish on 7 NOV 1814 and the Battle of New Orleans.

Rank at Separation: Private

Separation Date:

Separation Location:

Condition of Separation:

Birth: 1773

Death: 1845

Burial: Tennessee

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- Thomas Joyce (UNK-UNK), son of

- Thomas Joyce (1745-UNK), son of

- Alexander Joyce (1715-1778)


Marion Wortham Joyce

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