PVT. Joice, Bins

Enlistment Date: 

Enlistment Location:

Branch of Service: United States Army (Tennessee Militia)

Service Remarks: "Rifleman with the 2nd Regiment, West Tennessee Militia (COL. Lowery/ LTC. Hammons), under General Nathaniel Taylor's Brigade. This regiment was scattered throughout Creek Territory and in the vicinity of Mobile, Alabama to man the various forts in the region (Fort Jackson, Fort Montgomery, Fort Claiborne, and Fort Pierce). Some of the companies participated in the taking of Pensacola (7 NOV 1814) from the Spanish, which were believed to be aligned with the British aiding their efforts in the area." - Marion Wortham Joyce 

Rank at Separation: Private

Separation Date:

Separation Location:

Condition of Separation:



Burial: Tennessee


- Bins Joice (UNK-UNK), son of

- Alexander Joyce (1741-1827), son of

- Alexander Joyce (1715-1778)


Marion Wortham Joyce

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